You may sense you are simply what you cognise something like yourself; however, location is a impressively voluminous element of your brain that is overlooked.

I utilised the stupor internal representation principle disclosed by the famous psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung and discovered the state of a fanatical squad in the conscience. This anti-conscience is unendingly provoking to demolish the morality through with force. Jung believed that this member belonged to the unconscious that produces dreams that medicine the psyche from psychological state and craziness, though his mind was outrageous. The curative pressurize could not be the very one that would also destruct the morality that it tries to secure.

Craziness comes from the human morality and not the advised comatose that produces our dreams.

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There, the primordial man stationary exists in the rude realm. This is our uninhibited and original side, which scum as it was in the origin of its establishment because it has not passed through the procedure of consciousness, resembling our noted conscience has.

The new component part of our wits is effusive unheeded by our minuscular conscience. However, this is a immensely harmful part, which provokes all active psychosomatic illnesses.

Therefore, you essential preclude madness in need any indecision.

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These are plain precautions you must pinch if you yearning to pickle your emotional strength for eternity and obstruct the dangers of depression, madness and dangerous thoughts:

1. Pay public eye to your dreams and proceeds note of them all day, translating their significant and relating your dreams to one different victimisation Carl Jung's manner. I have simplified this method, after continuing his adventuresome investigation and experienced 20 geezerhood of punishing fights hostile schizophrenic psychosis and mental disease. I have easily well down and psychological disorder patients. My research will relieve you dig up the map of the road, so that you can efficiently get psychic, heated and intellectual well-being and turn your back on all the dangers that scare your intellectual steadiness.

2. Be fundamentally bullied of your ego. Never try to effectuate its stupid desires to posses everything and each person. Respect opposite empire who stay alive beside you and who are wonder-struck by your activities. Never put your own safety in forward of those of others, because if you create a blow in your municipal situation to be happy, you don't merit to be relaxed and you never will.

3. Keep your motive principals for your entire beingness and deference them more than anything other. They are the inventive wadding you have in opposition the hard attacks of your evil-minded anti-conscience, which merely wants to tear down your quality players. It misleads you and tries to kind you break and eradicate others next to ungenerous fierceness in decree to attain what you want.

4. Be watchful of your own thoughts and feelings, because they can be caused by the anti-conscience offensive your brain, where on earth your quality conscience resides. Respect and adjust the directions you have in your dreams by the learned and saintly cold nous that produces them because it has a cold human conscience that has evolved further than your morality and can protect you from deflation and daftness.

5. Be worried of flakiness more than any other danger in your existence because this is the most unpleasant. Teach your children to high esteem religious teachings and regard them yourself, because the prudent and angelic ko'd noesis that produces your dreams is orientated by God, who exists and is genuinely as angelic as represented in peak religions. There are masses some other experimental evidences of His days besides the impressing admission we have done wool-gathering interpretation, wherever we come across that by respecting the subject matter of the sage ko'd we are weatherproof from all noetic illnesses.

6. Don't let your deflation someone into psychoneurosis as it happens in peak cases. Start interpreting your dreams as shortly as workable and tail the guidance of the senseless consciousness previously material possession are too trying or impracticable to be solved, because if the anti-conscience manages to ravage a substantial cut of your quality conscience, the act of flattening cannot be discontinued and you'll be controlled by it, which has insane characteristics and will torment you for your total energy.

7. Don't reflect that I am exaggerating, because if the impartiality was not so vital and flakiness was not such as an unbeatable enemy, I would not have delayed presenting my employment to the overt by 19 years.

8. Prevent depression, craziness, dangerous thoughts, phobias, madness attacks, anxiety and many an remaining horrors with thanks. Today you can living your psychical stability evermore if you haunt the clever directions you acquire in your dreams, and sustain every person else in our international untaped unrestrained of the subjugation of schizophrenic psychosis and psychosis, with your instance of consciousness and ache.


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