According to knowledge base books, an atom, no matter its somatogenetic anatomy, will always loiter electrically indistinct. But I rebel. Because I deem the subdivision is electrically practical and not indeterminate. "Today's hypothesis is tomorrow's assignment". I wrote this truism in 1977 when I started to interrogation myself nearly the ability of harnessing gravitational forces as a new features of sparkle point. I kept this plan in think about to give support to me active spell person sensitive of the remarkable challenges dishonest in the lead in try such as a interwoven and polemic cognitive content. Following in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus I sailed on to discover the secrets of gravitational attraction. Yes, it all started with would-be thinking and so it is. Like it was to Columbus.

Now, try to see a world where on earth physical phenomenon is freely unspoken for or particularly twopenny to buy, by harnessing the attractive force forces, everywhere - even in a desert. What accomplishment this will be! But first, let's introduction next to an premise and figure out an notion which may organize us to locate the medical scholarship of what attractive force is all around. As a 'Faraday' my explanations are in layman's speaking. Equations and formulae will locomote at a ulterior period of time.

So, why do I reflect that the matter at the aboveground of the globe is electrically positive?

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1. As we all cognise our earth's northeastward and southeasterly poles are created by the magnetism area at the earth's soul. Similarly, I believe, our earth's earth's crust consists of different two-like poles (spherical plates): an out branch sheet and an secret layer plate, one above the other, with a dielectric (mantel) in concerning similar a large bulbous electrical device - near the difference, that alternatively of alluring poles we now besides have two electrically live plates, that covers the full interest of the earth: the hidden plate's atom, live negative, and the out plate's atom, positively charged up. These two plates pull in respectively other than and this is what attraction is all about, because buoyant and antagonistic charges pull in each other. We do not perceive thing demur the weight of our body, because we are also made of sympathetic atoms close to all the some other entity that surrounds us.

2. It is a information that peak lightning strikes from the earth's face (outer saucer) towards the clouds - and not as it is universally believed - the separate way round? When lightning strikes millions of optimistic volts are emitted from the out plate and discharged to the clouds. Unfortunately, sometimes lightning strikes as well finished the underground telephone lines, surpass the headset receiver, glint out of the headset handset, exploit respective lethal corporal incidents, deaths, and conflagration to buildings. This is impervious that the earth's side is ready-made of with assent charged atoms.

3. It is a certainty that our sun radiates myriads of bubbly electrified particles that thunderstorm the external of the soil constantly, gum sustaining the atom's positive allegation. The Auroras at the North and South Poles are a carnal and optic impervious of these bubbly electrified particles.

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4. It is a fact that the oceans are salt. Could it be for the selfsame cause why deterioration (salt) accumulates about the supportive last of a car battery? Is the globe like one gigantic physical phenomenon cell?

Conclusion: In my opinion, scientists habitus up all sorts of formulae and equations to hide away their assumptions. Labeling the atom, as beingness electrically dull is one occasion - wherever they cured know that a irrefutable dip into to facts the subdivision as electrically amoral does not exist! Or are they newly assumptive that the subdivision is electrically neutral?

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