Avoid flu shots - They are best probable laden with neurotoxins such as as Mercury, Aluminum, and even MSG and Aspartame has been found in vaccinations. Recently four adults in Israel died after unloading flu vaccines (same vaccines given to offspring) and no one is occupied. The company, Sanofi-Aventis, which produces the vaccine, has been sited in the US, for taint technical hitches in the industrial of their vaccines.
You are active to comprehend all sorts of TV, radio, and word media touting how eminent it is to have flu shots and how thousands of general public will die if they don't get vaccinations. The gen will be acceptable from the CDC and peak relations will consider it is plausible but the CDC, approaching the FDA is in employment for pills corporations not the state-supported. This is a backing devising arrangement for remedy companies. Recent research unconcealed the later left-handed figures about ethnic group dying from flu was underneath two a hundred populace which were old and had feeble immune systems - what other is new? Most US citizens have a vitiated condition association from the paucity of flavour minerals, drought of advantageous fatty acids, 3,000 ototoxic chemicals in our foods and organophosphates and virulent fertilizers in our food deliver.

What can we do to avert flu?
To forbid flu we have need of to do few elemental steps,

o Avoid vegetable oils

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o Avoid achromatic foods - flour, sugar, potatoes

o Add relish minerals. Eat in shape foods, if you can turn up them. - indication - Quality evidence minerals cannot be recovered on warehouse shelves.

o Add a standard fish oil, such as virgin salmonid oil

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o Wash your hands and use tabloid towels to wide-open privy doors in restaurants and gas stations of the cross.

o Get loads of put your feet up and exertion consistently.

If you agreement the flu bug, what should you do?
Prevention is furthermost serious but at hand is a genuinely cheap and unproblematic way to alimentation flu should you get it. I don't cognize the origin of this information, but my sister publication germs or viruses can get into into our bodies by way of our ears. The treatment to this is to plop H2O2 - chemical element peroxide directly into the ear respective times a day once you are ill or if you muse you may possibly have been open to someone next to the flu. A cap replete in respectively ear is a short time ago the permission amount. Be firm you do not have pierced ear drums. Do not use a Q-tip to dry your ears. Use a dry piece of material to wick the dampen out of the ear waterway.
Remember; ne'er put thing in your ears or view large than your elbows!
Actually, h hydrogen peroxide has tons wellness benefits and of curriculum it is markedly improved to pristine and bleach beside this product, a bit than use any atomic number 17 or whiteness products.

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