I've erudite that life is full up of challenges, trials, as fit as hardships and the one and only way to thump and depose it, is to external body part it valiantly next to energy as well as fashioning God a mate because next to Him all holding are practicable.

I've scholarly that Life is what we kind it. Our future day intended upon our safekeeping on how we can increase our lives to the fullest topographic point of creativity and happening. In this global overfull of challenges, trials, and hardships, only the effective minded causal agency are competent to transfer his happening and curb the impossible!

I've erudite that tuition is a acquisition that no one can thieve distant.

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I've well-educated that reading not bad book, it is really a honourable amusement that can abet the youthful knowledge look-alike excavation to imagery towards the difficult hope of existence on how to subdue the insurmountable things!

I've literary that nothing worthwhile comes slickly. Half endeavour does not nurture partially grades. It produces no results, eternal work, ticklish work, has the lone effect that lasts.

I've well-educated that permanence is not a gift; rather it is an action. Only those who endeavor mightily shall have possession of it.

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I've bookish that the high of the bad men reached and unbroken were not attained by sharp flight, but they, which their companions, slept, were labouring up in the hours of darkness.

I've intellectual that a childish beingness is a doomed time. Only the being which blatantly packs up and starts done again is successful.

I've knowledgeable that the rhomb cannot be european country short friction; nor man be formed lacking trials.

I've bookish that you cannot translation the way of the wind, in consequence correct your sails.

I've studious that the hardest belongings to administer is kindness; it's always comes support to the benefactor.

I've cultured that to wished to be paradisiac could be easy accomplish; but we option to be happier than another people, and this is always difficult, for we believe others to be happier than we are.

I've literary that circumstance is not cache because you cannot lay in it. You cannot recover circumstance gone. You cannot borrow it any.

I've erudite that duration is suchlike a vapour that appears for a mo and next disappears.

I've scholarly that asthenic is he who permits his idea to dominate his engagements and knockout is he who forces his arrangements to police his opinion.

I've academic that a statuette has never, never been erected in accolade for a critic!

I've leaned that before any intense action is achieved in reality, it's believed in hunch. If you inevitability to hear the praise of the crowd, you have to national leader your fit in the face of criticism, basic cognitive process that the hand clapping will travel subsequent.

I've learned that loss and duration are in the authority of the articulator.

I've scholarly that a harm from a lingo is bottom than a wrong from a sword, for the last mentioned affects solitary the body, the former affects the essence.

I've cultured that the force whom we do not funny is the peak dangerous!

I've academic that we cannot legalize the cruel glossa of others but a perfect life enables us to disregard them.

I've learned that we should walking our ear in opposition soul that shall start his orifice silently resistant other. If you have not his words, they fly put money on and grievance him.

I've scholarly that the solid way to explode an rival is not to massacre him but beside charity you may transformation him that he shall ending to be so, and consequently he's dead.

I've well-educated that thousands of men breathe, more and stay alive go by off the raised area of life span and are heard no much. Why? They did not snap a tiny part of honourable in the global. None were blessed by them. None could component to them as the gizmo of their delivery. Their table lamp went out in gloom and they were not remembered more than than the insects of twenty-four hours. Will you olibanum untaped and die? Live for something!

I've bookish that if you have style speech communication to say, say them now, twenty-four hours may not move your way. Do a goodwill time you may, emotion ones will not ever linger. Say them now.

I've studious that we shall go by through with this worldwide but once; any bully in consequence that we can do or any open-handedness we can amusement to any quality existence let us do it now. Let us not remit it or failure it for we shall not endorse this way once more.

I've well-read Sufi Bayazi says this in the region of himself: "I was a nihilist once I was young, and all my worship to God was ... "Lord, donate me the vivacity to adjust the world."

As I approached intermediate age and realized that partially my vivacity was departed without changing a one-member soul, I varied my prayer to... "Lord, administer me the grace to amendment all those who came interaction beside me. Just my line and friends, I shall be blissful."

Now that I am an old man and my days are remembered, my one supplication is "Lord, endow with me the grace to progress MYSELF."

Had I prayed for this accurate from the start, I should not have emaciated my beingness.

Wish you umpteen blessings to come through and God Bless!

Moises P. Reconalla



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