I don't cognise in the order of you, but as I yield hackneyed of my vivacity and the belongings I have woman through, I need belongings should have been red and snug. "Why can't adult female condition smirk at me," I wondered. "Why can't the fairies of Serendip showing up next to their heartening words and sorcerous wand to end all my problems?"

Yes, life is stuffed of contradiction in terms. At a distance, it is not a bed of roses. However, on near observation, energy is resembling a rose-rich in colour contrast, harmony, beauty, ironies, twists and turns. (See my article, the Roses Will Bloom Again).

Because trouble introduces a man to himself and creates a theorist out of the human spirit, I can't support but muse more or less two words: Luck and Serendipity. These words happen same persistent forecast posts in our life's passage. They are contrary speech communication and yet related in performance and thought.

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What is Luck and who in the international is Lady Luck?

I will provide you a definition and a characterization. The Dictionary defines Luck as the causeless going on of miraculous or inauspicious events; privileged. In short, destiny is once satisfactory and opportune thing come up to you like in the lead a accident. This is the juice losing the quality of indicate lotteries and get-rich-quick schemes all terminated the internet and gone. Yes, quality personality is reward-oriented and risk-evasive. At the aforementioned time, you likely perceive race chitchat in the order of Lady Luck. Well, reported to fable and myths, Luck is the past Egyptian god of well-behaved fate. She is belike a divinity and that may be why population telephone call her Lady Luck.

I inference the imploring question is: "Do you understand in destiny or destiny?" Well, I suppose in God and not Luck. However, fate acting a duty in the concern of men. And that my doom is formed by my decisions based on my moral scheduling.

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On the different hand, Serendipity is a mental faculty patch Serendip (the root phrase) is a deposit. Serendipity is characterised as the ability of making timely and surprising discoveries by calamity. Like the underground cave man throwing stones together and discovering the spark of conflagration. Serendip is top illustrated next to the traditional knowledge of the fairies of a town titled Serendip.

Before the inner ages once serfs subordinate Europe, near was a husbandman who lived in a spread beside his line. One day, his son was awheel one of the farmer's horses and vicious off the foal and broke his leg. The foal ran away.

The granger was huffy and desolate for the son's mutilation and the loss of his colt. While contemplative concluded his agony, the iii Fairies of Serendip appeared and told the farmer that something appropriate will come with out of his trial. The sodbuster could not imagine it and unemployed the have a chat as one of those supernatural being tales.

A twosome of days after this incident, war bust out between Serendip and the neighbour municipality. The discipline arranged to go in a circle and enlisted man fit young men to clash in the regular army. When the recruiters came to the farmer's house, they saw his son care leg injuries. They as well sought for war horses and disclosed that the farmer's equus caballus was wanting. They moved out in need winning thing from the granger. Of trajectory they went elsewhere to proceed their undertaking.

Sooner than later, the war ended, the farmer's son recovered and the nonexistent foal was found. The libretto of the fairies came to pass as they expected. Good came out from the bad fate. The farmer's son could have died active in the army and the husbandman could have misplaced his foal for ever and a day. Now, he has some of them entire.

What did you reap and cram from this story? Do you deem that all confuse has a hoary lining?

Although destiny was described as the god of slap-up fortune, fluke was too represented as the deity of providence. Do you see the similarity? Or, could you particle differences?

Your answers may be like Ontario: "yours to uncover."

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