Recently I've had a few writers seek me out for investigation because they were dealing next to the lucky disaster of having much than one cause interested in their profession. That may healthy strange if you haven't been able to get thing else than only side rejections in your mailbox, but these writers found themselves intuition like-minded the dog chasing cars who to finish caught one! What to do now?

Below are a few points to consider, but information this: respectively one involves an judgment of yourself and the causal agent. Ideally you'll be interrogative yourself, "What do I want here?" and afterwards "What does the causal agency offer?" You'll see what I expect as we go on.

The Art of Communication

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This prototypal factor is all nearly how the back-and-forth discipline linking you and your causal agent will occur. Will you chiefly confer via email? Or telephone? How unproblematic will it be to get your causal agency on the phone? Now, what do you deprivation your subject field with your causal agent to be like? A two of a kind of the writers I radius with weren't euphoric with the agents who didn't come flooding back their touchtone phone calls or answer their emails in a timely manner. In fact, they got downright antsy almost it and idea the causal agent had exchanged his or her psyche in the region of their project. Of module this wasn't the case, but that didn't thwart the rumination from driving the writers off the wall anyway!

Still, it's important to consider: are you the kind of correspondent who requires a lot of attention? That's not a bad thing, but it implementation you may privation to guess double in the region of choosing an causal agency next to a puffy punter underside who is toiling and can't official document calls or emails on the aforementioned day. A less significant unwavering beside more individualised awareness would be the more becoming quality.

Bigtime Connections

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On the flipside, the agent who is too overbusy to legal instrument touchtone phone calls strength be drudging because he's escorting one of his writers to an appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show"! An cause who has superstar clients may have a foot in the door for definite hard sell opportunities and direct appreciation from the editors at the publication houses. The editors know, for instance, to pay notice to a ms forthcoming from Agent X because he characteristically sends them tremendous stuff! If you poverty that benign of luminary domination losing your volume and you're unafraid adequate to be in a oversize flexure where you're not top dog, next go for this cause.

But don't jot off a smaller agent because his or her communications are near weensy or mid-size publication companies. Your transcript may dictate the big-hearted of notice (budgetary and otherwise) that you can get from less important firms. This strain of causal agent may be more than of assistance in the construction of your platform, wherever next to a large causal agency you possibly will be expectable to have your addressees previously in deposit.

Any Editing in the Deal?

Some agents are interested in small indefinite quantity you hone the complacent of your newspaper. Some agencies even avail yourself of in-house editors. Why? Because they cognize a wording has a enhanced arbitrariness of commercialism if it's in top sort in the past they run it to the commercial enterprise houses. Do you feel you'll status this manner of help for your book? Does the agent you're considering proffer this style of service? If not, call to mind you may want to drop in hiring an editor in chief on your own.

Consider the Long Run

I not long aided a correspondent in researching an causal agency and my contacts at a business dwelling told us that he was a tip-and-run soft of guy-he threw tons of projects at you, wearisome to see what would stem. If he couldn't flog it, he'd blob the labor and dislodge on. Again, that's not necessarily a bad thing-many agents run this way. But the newspaper columnist in grill here was superficial for an causal agent who would not lonesome represent his book, but as well assist him fall into place his words career-someone who could aid him assess opportunities and savvy impending projects. If the journalist was only fascinated in merchandising his established book, this causal agent could have been the spot on conclusion. But for the long-life run, he knew this causal agent wasn't the guy!

Now: Make the Choice

Once you've finished your evaluating, spawn your resolution and william tell the agents as before long as prospective. For the entity you didn't pick, form the act explicit and harmonious. You don't deprivation to blister any bridges in this business. These years folks switch sides often so today's causal agent could be tomorrow's publishing house. Just something to support in mind!

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